How to recycle used Printer Cartridges
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Waste & the Environment

It is becoming increasingly clear that we all have a responsibility to protect the environment whether manufacturers or consumers. By using remanufactured (recycled) printer cartridges we can all do our bit whilst also saving a lot of money.

The majority of printer ink cartridge components (particularly the cases) are entirely reusable and remanufactured printer ink cartridges take advantage of that fact by recycling those parts into new products. This reduces the amount of non-biodegradable waste printer cartridge components requiring disposal whilst also reducing the requirement of brand new printer cartridges to be manufactured with the associated use of unsustainable resources and production of harmful bi-products including pollutants & toxins into the earth and atmosphere.

One of the reasons recycled printer cartridges are significantly cheaper that the originals is that the most of the manufactured parts are not being manufactured again. Many ink cartridges just require checking, cleaning, refilling, sealing and checking again. Just have a look at your empty cartridge when it comes out of your printer ... it is only empty and simply doesn't deserve to be thrown away!

Recycle Your Old Cartridges

Instead of throwing your used printer ink cartridges and toners away, why not collect them together and dispose of them at an appropriate used printer cartridge collection point? It is always best to wrap each ink cartridge or toner individually in a scrap piece of paper (newspaper say) to stop leakage and protect them from damage.

We are always happy to receive your old cartridges back at Printer Cartridges Please and we will ensure that they go back into the supply chain, ensuring the availability of remanufactured printer cartridges for the future as well as protecting your choice of alternatives cartridges than the expensive branded originals offered by the printer manufacturer. Your contribution will also further drive down the price of printer ink cartridges and toners going forward for you the consumer.

To ensure that your old cartridges are recycled efficiently please:

1) wrap each used ink cartridge individually in scrap paper such as old newspaper;
2) place these ink cartridges into a plastic bag (to avoid seepage of inks in transit);
3) place within suitable protective packaging for the post
4) Post them to the address below:

Printer Cartridge Collection Depot
Morton House
12 Appleton Gate
United Kingdom
NG24 1JY